Spain, 2018 / 98 min. / Color
Ainhoa Mata Juanicotena was born into a family that filmed, recorded and photographed their daily life for many years.

In her adolescence, at the end of the eighties, Ainhoa began to write  about things she did not want to tell anyone. Her diaries, that she kept until her death, describe a woman different from the one that her relatives and friends had known. Intimate journals, that reveal an infinity of themes related to the female experience, which  other women have written about throughout history. No matter the geographical or temporal distance, issues, sensations and moods converge.

Ainhoa, Yo no soy esa, (Ainhoa, that’s not me) is also an alternative chronicle to the official history of the Spain of the nineties, told through the diaries of a woman.


Script and Direction: Carolina Astudillo Muñoz
Producer: Carolina Astudillo Muñoz / Belén Sánchez
Editing: Ana Pfaff
Assistan Editor: Elena Imaz / José Nicolás
Image Súper 8: David Domingo / Paola Lagos
Image HD: Ivan Piredda
Music: La Musa
Testimonies: Patxi Juanicotena Mata, Esther Carrillo, Lluís Subirós y Dave Roca
Voices: Isabel Cadenas Cañon / Carolina Astudillo Muñoz / Maithë Chansard
Sound: Jordi Ribas / Isolé División Sonora
Sound Mix: Alejandra Molina
Color Correction: Ana Izquierdo
With the support of ICEC, Institut Ramon Llull and ALMU


  • Biznaga de Plata al Mejor Largometraje Documental. Festival de Málaga Cine Español (Sección Oficial Documental. Spain, Málaga. 2018).
  • Mención Especial del Jurado Largometraje Nacional. DocumentaMadrid (Sección Oficial. Spain, Madrid. 2018).
  • Best Sound. DocumentaMadrid (Sección Oficial. Spain, Madrid. 2018)


  • Primer Encuentro de Documentales de Melilla (Spain, Melilla.2018)
  • D’A Film Festival (Section Un impulso colectivo. Spain, Barcelona. 2018)