Spain-Chile, 2014 / 70:00 min. / B&W

In the early years of the Franco dictatorship, Clara Pueyo Jornet, an active militant in the Communist Party, escapes from Les Corts prison in Barcelona by the front door.

From that moment, she vanishes without a trace. She had been living on the run and she sought to escape from the rigidity of her own party.

Her story is also the story of the women of her time and their struggle for freedom in a society that tried to repress them.


Script and Direction: Carolina Astudillo Muñoz
Producer: Belén Sánchez
Script Editor: Isa Campo
Editing: Georgia Panagou / Ana Pfaff
Assistants Editor: Ana Ugarte / Francisco Rubio / Estel Roman
Musicians: Diego Mune / Charlie Braesch / Charlie Sid / Claudia Cervenca / Fanny Menegoz / Karsten Hochapfel / Miguel Arcos
Voices: Segi Dies / María Cazes
Sound: Alejandro Castillo / Merri
Sound Mix: Alejandra Molina
Color Correction: Miquel Sebastià / Ana Izquierdo
Production Company: Un Capricho de Producciones