Spain, 2022 / 117 min. / Colour & BN

We are the only ones who are still waiting, in a suspense as old as time: that of women always, everywhere, waiting for the men to come home from the war.

Marguerite Duras


A woman awaits the return of a man who enlisted at the front when the Civil War began. He writes her long letters from France. She reads them to her children by candlelight.

This Penelope is not haunted by suitors, nor does she stay at home undoing at night the weaving she had done during the day.

The years pass and he does not return home. His wife has stopped receiving letters from him and she doesn’t know what could have happened to him.
We belong to  this side of the world where the dead pile up  in charnel houses.
This happens in Europe.


Executive Producer: Cornelius Films / Carolina Astudillo – Isolda Films
Associated Producer: European Observatory On Memories (EUROM) / Wendy Espinal
Written and Directed by: Carolina Astudillo Muñoz
Actresses: Alicia González / Padi Padilla
Editing: Ana Pfaff
Image: Américo Voltio
Music: Carles Mestre
Music / Violin: Lisa Bause
Sound Mix: Alejandra Molina
Colour: Ana Izquierdo
Archive: ALMU
With the support of Filmoteca de Catalunya / Filmoteca Española /Mentoring L’Alternativa / Mafiz / Institut Ramon Llull.


  • Facultad de Filosofía y Letras Universidad Alcalá de Henares (Alcalá de Henares, Spain.2023).
  • 35a edición de Cinélatino, Rencontres de Toulouse (Toulouse, France.2023)
  • Mostra Internacional de cinema por Mulleres A Coruña (A Coruña, Spain. 2023)
  • Filmoteca  Regional de Murcia (Murcia, Spain. 2023)
  • Festival de Cine UC (Santiago, Chile. 2023)
  • Numax Cinema (Santiago de Compostela, Spain. 2022)
  • Zumzeig Cinema (Barcelona, Spain. 2022)
  • Cineclub Retornable (Antofagasta, Chile. 2023)
  • Sala Insomnia (Valparaíso, Chile. 2023)
  • FIDOCS – Festival Internacional de Documentales de Santiago (Section Official. Santiago, Chile. 2022)
  • Rizoma. Festival Internacional de Cine & Cultura Entrelazada (Section Panorama. Madrid, Spain.2022)
  • Filmoteca de Catalunya (Barcelona, Spain. 2022)
  • Festival Cine por Mujeres (Madrid,  Spain. 2022)
  • Zinemakumeak gara! Muestra de Cine Dirigido por Mujeres (Bilbao, Spain. 2022)
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  • Ruta al Exilio (Figueres, Spain. 2022)
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  • Festival Cinematográfico Internacional del Uruguay (Montevideo, Uruguay. 2022)
  • Festival de Málaga. Cine en Español (Documentary Official Selection. Málaga, Spain. 2022)