Spain, 2014 / 07:00 min. / B&W

War as a preposterous and absolutely masculine fiction -as well as the educational and occupational exclusion of women in a society that educates them to serve and be mothers- is repudiated by Virginia Woof in Three Guineas.

The Civilization Desire is a piece that appropriates family movies filmed in Spain during the Republic, the Civil War and the early years of Francoism.

The home movie becomes an alternative chronicle to the great stories, that reveals social differences and gender stereotypes learned from childhood, in the civilization of strength, despised by Woolf.


Written and Directed by: Carolina Astudillo Muñoz
Editing: Georgia Panagou
Additional Editing: Ana Pfaff
Assistants Editor: Ana Ugarte / Francisco Rubio / Estel Roman
Voice: Segi Dies
Musicians: Diego Mune / Charlie Braesch / Charlie Sid / Claudia Cervenca / Fanny Menegoz / Karsten Hochapfel / Miguel Arcos
Sound Editing: Alejandra Molina
Color Correction: Ana Izquierdo