Spain  / 2023 / 70 min. / Color

In his 27-year career as a composer, the Swiss musician Alfons Karl Zwicker has been interested in making audible the indescribable hardships, the pain, the suffering, and the fear of the repressed people in Latin American dictatorships.


Guión y dirección: Carolina Astudillo Muñoz
Production: Carolina Astudillo Muñoz  / Isolda Films / ALMU
Production Manager: Ana Laura Gussoni
Music Producer: Marie Elmer
Image: Andrés Lizama / Paola Calvo / Luis Portocarrera / Maximiliano Martínez
Editing: José Antonio  Nicolás / Carolina Astudillo Muñoz
Assistant Editor: Paulina Quiroz Navarro
Direct Sound: Maximiliano Martínez / Víctor Marín
Voice: Carolina Astudillo Muñoz
Sound Design: Alejandra Molina
Music: Alfons K. Zwicker
Testimony: Alfons K. Zwicker / Mauricio Rosencof / Gloria Laso /Coca Rudolphy
With the support: Kanton St. Gallen /Stadt St. Gallen.